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Building Bridges - Changing Lives

Who Are We?

Community Bridges is an independent, secular organisation. We are an incorporated association and registered as not-for-profit with tax deductible status.

We do not charge for our services.

We are run entirely by volunteers and we work with in mates before they exit the Correctional System.

What Do We Do?

Our History

In 1991, a service to assist inmates exiting detention was commenced by a small number of interested persons under the name Jordan House Association. As the need for this service grew, a pilot program, the Prisoner Support Service, for 30 clients, was auspiced by Sherwood Uniting Church under its outreach umbrella through funds granted by the Uniting Church Foundation.

In 1994, Jordan House Association became incorporated as a tax deductible, community based organisation of volunteers dedicated to the assistance of inmates and their families with their reintegration into the community. The service was co-ordinated gratis by Esteem Consulting, a small organisation that provided a range of programs in the area of substance misuse.

In July 2006, the service changed its name to Community Bridges Inc. with the motto: “building bridges, changing lives”, to better represent its intention of assisting reintegration into the community. It has continued to operate using dedicated and trained volunteers. The organisation has continued to work as being recognised as a major voluntary service provider to assist inmates and those previously incarcerated.

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